The Real Reason the Right Continues to Lose Every Ideological Battle

The Real Reason the Right Continues to Lose Every Ideological Battle by Tim KIRBY for Strategic-Culture

It is unchecked Individualism and “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” that are really killing the West, Tim Kirby writes.

There is a growing broad consensus that the West is reaching its own event horizon or has perhaps already fallen into the abyss. This overwhelmingly diverse group of ideological camps, politicians and media pundits who want to avert disaster continue to sputter, searching for answers and doubling down on their own assuredness that the core of their value system is still right, it is merely being downtrodden by a parade of Postmodern freaks. But the real crisis is rooted in what made the West “great” in the first place, its belief in Individualism which is the backbone of the Liberalism that most of humanity lives under.

Complaining about the “degradation” of society gets louder with each year as the average Western man becomes more depressed, sexless, drug addicted, emasculated, jobless, debt ridden and utterly hopeless. The response to this steady decay over the decades following WWII has mostly been a lot of finger wagging. Those that want to save the West are very good at pointing out all the bad things that are happening, but their attempts to beg or guilt trip the next generation into holding on to traditions with no system of apologetics to explain them is completely futile.

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The ultimate reason why Conservatives, Traditionalists (Western TradCons), Republicans, the Alt-Right, the Red Pill, Team Trump and so on continue to lose is that they firmly believe in the idea that the individual is sacred and that no government, and to a greater extent no one, should tell this blessed individual what to do. Yet this same group is eternally surprised that raising people in a system that can never tell them “no” turns society into spoiled narcissistic hedonistic adult children.

The Consumer Economy that we have all become used to is essentially a Hedonism machine. The “Free Market” adapts to our desires yet there is no mechanism in place to keep us in check when our desires are wrong. In fact we really always see meeting demand as a good thing, but perhaps some of our sinful animalistic desires are best left unfulfilled. There is no longer any arbiter to tell us not to do anything. Excluding some violent desires, everything that we want we can get with no thought to the future or how it affects society. The market meets our demands, but many of the things we want are from our own sloth and gluttony. The freakshow at your average Midwestern Wal-Mart is the perfect example of this tendency, where no one can tell us not to eat processed garbage, or be dressed publicly in sleepwear. Perhaps there are some economic penalties to becoming so obese that one cannot walk but the individual in his sanctity can never have the cheeseburger slapped out of his hand or be cast out from society for becoming, by choice, an abomination.

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