“Pandora Papers”: The Left-Wing Media are a Tool for Soros and They’re Too Dumb to Notice

“Pandora Papers”: The Left-Wing Media are a Tool for Soros and They’re Too Dumb to Notice By Richard Abelson  for The Gateway Pundit

The Washington Post, the Guardian and 150 other news outlets have obtained access to 11.9 million “confidential files” on offshore bank accounts and companies in 200 countries, melodramatically dubbed “the Pandora Papers”, the next in a series of illegal hacks released to damage certain companies and high-profile figures after the “Panama Papers” and “Paradise Papers”, among others.

Once again, the entire operation is a carefully coordinated media campaign waged for shady purposes by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), an NGO founded and funded by George Soros and the Open Society Foundations (2017: $400,000; 2018: $1.5 million; 2019: $25,000).

ICIJ was founded by the Open Society funded Center for Public Integrity 1997 and has formally been independent since 2017. According to InfluenceWatch, “the Center for Public Integrity has received contributions from a number of left-leaning foundation funders including the Ford FoundationOmidyar Network FundFoundation to Promote Open SocietyKnight Foundation, and MacArthur Foundation.”

While the “Pandora Papers” have so far produced little evidence of any real crimes being committed, the real question is, when will international finance authorities start examining the dubious way Soros-tied NGOs, media and “investigative journalists” manipulate markets with spurious allegations that rarely lead to any criminal convictions?

In “Secret Empires”, corruption expert Peter Schweizer (“Clinton Cash”) documents how Soros and other Obama loyalists like Tom Steyer and Marty Nesbitt parlayed their advance knowledge of Obama policy into millions in revenue. In 2009, for example, George Soros started investing $1.1 billion in “green” and “climate change” NGOs to push for tougher policy on coal and oil drilling, while at the same time shorting the affected companies and later buying them for pennies on the dollar.

When Donald Trump was unexpectedly elected President in 2016, George Soros not only lost approx. $1 billion, he also lost his exclusive access to the White House, which he has been fighting tooth and nail ever since to regain. In the meantime, however, he may have needed an alternate method of manipulating markets and reaping profits – conceivably, this may be how the idea of using illegal hacks and the Open Society network of “investigative journalists”, left-wing media and “research collectives” was born.

A series of data dumps were thus foist upon the world as sensational news stories – “Swiss Leaks”, “Lux Leaks”, the “Panama Papers” and “Paradise Papers” – usually with very little actual criminal activity behind them. Thus, the biggest victim of the so-called “Paradise Papers” was Apple Computer, which stood accused of tax evasion, which it denied, stating it had paid $35 billion in taxes in the time period concerned. In July 2020, Apple Computer was completely exonerated of the spurious claims by the Court of the European Union – not that anybody took any notice. The damage was already done.

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