The Mainstream Media Says “We Can Expect To See A Shortage Of Canned Foods” During The Holiday Season

The Mainstream Media Says “We Can Expect To See A Shortage Of Canned Foods” During The Holiday Season by  for End of the American Dream

Now even the mainstream media is admitting that the shortages are going to get even worse.  Earlier this year, the talking heads on television were assuring all of us that the U.S. economy would be “booming” by the end of 2021, but obviously that hasn’t happened.  Instead, we are facing growing shortages and rampant inflation.  In fact, one measure of inflation just hit the highest level in nearly 40 years.  But of more immediate concern is the fact that shortages are intensifying all over the nation.  We have never seen anything like this before, and the mainstream media is openly telling us that the worst is yet to come.  For example, the following comes from an Axios article entitled “The great holiday shortage”

Brace yourself: It’s going to be hard to find everything — not just your favorite holiday foods and hot toys and gifts but also basic staples like coffee and footwear — because of supply chain problems that will likely persist at least through next spring.

At least through next spring?

Fall is just starting now.  So “through next spring” would put us about nine months from now.


Other mainstream media outlets are becoming quite “alarmist” as well.  In an article they posted last week, the Today Show warned that “we can expect to see a shortage of canned foods” during the upcoming holiday season…

Rodney Holcomb, a food economist at Oklahoma State University, told TODAY in an email that we can expect to see a shortage of canned foods, but that this has to do more with the container than the actual food.

“Aluminum availability is still a concern, so it may be more difficult to find those canned, ready-to-eat items on store shelves,” Holcomb said.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

But it is happening, and we are going to have to deal with it.

Meat supplies are getting tighter and tighter as well.  The following comes from an excellent piece by Stefan Stanford

Looking over the meat section to see if there were any deals going on in this day and age of rising meat prices, that manager came out from the back just in time for me to pelt him with a couple of questions.

Asking him first “have you been having any difficulties in getting in your meat supplies?”, he immediately responded to me with “I ordered 150 pounds of lunch meat this week, only to get 20 of them!” Then warning me “and I’ve been told it’s going to get a lot worse”, WTOP News in Washington DC reported September 30th “Prince George’s County Public Schools says it will stop handing out free suppers to some students starting next week, citing supply chain issues and national shortages.”

Last month, a supermarket industry insider personally informed me that supply issues are widespread across a whole host of product categories.

As the American people begin to figure out what is going on, we could potentially see a wave of panic shopping like we have never witnessed before.

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