Positioning Yourself on the Path to Healing

Positioning Yourself on the Path to Healing by TONY MYERS for Charisma News

Two weeks after being healed from Lou Gehrig’s disease, I was laying on the floor at six in the morning, curled up in a fetal position in tremendous pain. The pain had started around 9 pm the night before. I was scheduled to give my testimony at a halfway house later that morning. As the hours ticked by, the pain was so horrific I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t sleep. I just lay there on the floor, curled up in a ball, throughout the night.

This experience and other healing experiences like it is what led me to search deeper for the answers to the question, “How in the world did I get healed?” If I could answer that one particular question, then I could guide others to recognize their healing. Healing should be almost automatic and definitely without the years of struggling that most, like myself, endured before being healed.

One immediate revelation was that testimonies are precious sources of encouraging other people. This is why starting from the day I was healed, I give my testimony to others without hesitation. Another thing that I noticed was those hearing my testimony would often grab onto the wrong things. Most often people want to recreate the circumstances surrounding my healing, such as the vision that I had. Healing most often occurs from a spontaneous event or action, unknown to the person, as the Holy Spirit leads us to our healing. Planning the circumstances circumvents the Holy Spirit, who seeks to lead us to a heart change.

Instead of listening for the surface-level conditions that led to the person’s healing, dig deeper. Can you pinpoint the moment that hope was kindled up inside the person? What are some commonalities in healing testimonies? Were there conscious choices that the person made that sparked the healing? These are the types of questions that I ask myself when listening to testimonies.

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