Greg Laurie on SoCal Harvest, why he’s optimistic about Gen Z: ‘We need a spiritual solution’

Greg Laurie on SoCal Harvest, why he’s optimistic about Gen Z: ‘We need a spiritual solution’ By Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post Reporter

Greg Laurie, founder and lead pastor of Harvest Churches and Harvest Crusades, is excited about Generation Z.

Though they’re dubbed the first truly “post-Christian generation,” with moral relativism behind the majority opinion of the group, Laurie believes Gen Zers are defined by their desire for significance and meaning — making them ripe for the Gospel.

“We have a generation that hasn’t heard the Gospel. Most of Gen Z doesn’t come from any kind of a spiritual or religious background whatsoever. I would rather have a blank slate to work with, where they know nothing, and then tell them the truth than people with all kinds of prejudices,” the 68-year-old pastor told The Christian Post.

“The Bible says, ‘How will they hear unless someone tells them?’ Young people are looking for significance. They want their life to matter. They want to be noticed. And what I’m saying to them is, ‘Your life does matter, you are noticed, God loves you, and God has a special plan for your life.’ I want to tell them how they can discover that plan for this life and the afterlife.”

With the goal of reaching thousands with the hope of Christ, Laurie’s Southern California Harvest Crusade will return to Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, for one night only on Oct. 3.

The ministry’s first stadium outreach event in over a year, SoCal Harvest is free and will feature worship by Christian music artists Phil Wickham and for King & Country, as well as a message from Laurie.

The pastor described the event as a “celebration,” defined by “joy, worship and a powerful message.”

“It means a lot to everybody to just get together again,” Laurie said. “With this pandemic, all the wrong things are up. Drug use is, up alcohol use is, up self-harm is up, suicides are up, divorce is up, and it’s because people feel down. And Jesus said, ‘Look up, because your redemption is drawing near.’ I think it’s important for us to get together in person because we’re better together.”

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