Close The Southern Border…NOW

Close The Southern Border…NOW

These filthy, satanic globalist running our country into the ground, need to be arrested today. Don’t waste another minute, arrest them all right now.

Our southern border is wide open and somewhere in the neighborhood of 400,000 invaders are on their way to our nation.

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Will the National Guard of Texas stop it? Will states around the country send their National Guard to help? Will the military overthrow the filth in Washington DC and stop it? Will we the people be able to stop it?

There are so few people in all of Washington DC that care anything about the United States it is scary.

MTG, above, is one of those people and below is another.

Stand up, arm up and be ready to be counted. This is a serious situation. 400,000 people is a city. We have already had at least one city added to our country this year and there is another on the way. If you believe this is acceptable, please leave this country today.

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