‘Passion’ Founder Louie Giglio Reveals the 9 Words that Changed His Life

‘Passion’ Founder Louie Giglio Reveals the 9 Words that Changed His Life By  for Faith Wire

Pastor and author Louie Giglio is revealing the nine words that have truly transformed his life: “Don’t give the enemy a seat at your table.”

This statement had such a profound impact on the Passion Movement founder that he made it the title of his latest book, Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table: It’s Time to Win the Battle of Your Mind.

Giglio believes people too often allow Satan to spout lies and sow confusion in their lives, so he’s on a mission to help Christians combat this dynamic.

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“There are spiritual forces at work every single day all around us,” he recently said on the “Edifi With Billy Hallowell” podcast. “We don’t struggle against flesh and blood, the scripture says, but against these powers, principalities, rulers of the age that [are] around us.”

Giglio, who said humans are living in the midst of a spiritual conflict and that the enemy is “pretty smart” when it comes to knocking people off track, pointed naysayers back to the scriptures.

“If you don’t believe that, just turn to the first page of the Bible and notice how quickly the enemy got into paradise and convinced Eve that God wasn’t for her, didn’t love her, didn’t have her best in mind, and couldn’t be trusted,” he said. “That force wants to steal God’s glory directly and indirectly … and that’s the world we live in.”

Despite this spiritual battle, which is detailed by Paul in Ephesians 6, Giglio said people have the power and ability — through Christ and the Holy Spirit — to “win the battle of the mind.”

“Every one of us can change the story and we can start changing the story today,” he said.

Giglio is hoping those nine words — “Don’t give the enemy a seat at your table” — will inspire people to experience life change. The preacher said this powerful proclamation was given to him by a friend in the midst of a difficult time.

“I wrote the book … because this phrase actually changed my life,” he said. “I reached out to a friend who had walked through this whole thing with me.”

Listen to Giglio’s powerful spiritual explanation:

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