Proof COVID Is A Tool of Manipulation, Control From Three Global Virology Experts

Proof COVID Is A Tool of Manipulation, Control From Three Global Virology Experts

Over the course of close to two years we have a dealt with a global lie. For the past ten plus years people have called me a “conspiracy nut”, “conspiracy theorist”, “lunatic” and host of other names that are far worse. These slurs were hurled at me for showing, over and over, there are any number of global conspiracies (conspiracy is when two or more people are working on the project – be it for good or evil doesn’t matter) designed to enslave humanity. We’ll remind everyone the United Nations, World Health Organization and the International Monetary Fund are just three such institutions that were built for this purpose.

Below are three men, very prominent in their respective fields. They are all telling you the exact same thing. What will it take to strengthen the lion in you and release the beast that is attempting to break free?

This is how much these evil, vile people love you. They love you so much they convince people to slaughter their own children – in the mothers womb.

The next time you hear some monster telling you, screaming at you about wearing a mask or getting a vaccine…remember this beautiful daughter of God.

This is tyranny. This is one of the end results

Does this picture drive home the reality of this situation – rules for thee, but not for me. Take a long hard look at this image and tell me what is happening.

It is impossible to awaken anyone at this point in time. Either you’re awake or willfully ignorant to what is happening. There is no other choice. These publications are not intended to awaken anyone, as stated, that is impossible. These publications serve the purpose of strengthening lions, because the goats will be slaughtered – all of them. While the lions, many will die, but they will fight for everyone’s God given Rights.

And finally. Remember when lots of children played like this? Strong immune systems, productive imaginations and, most importantly, being in a loving, protected family environment. Remember those days? They are waiting for us all – if we simply take them back.

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