What Is the History of Big Pharma? (Video)

What Is the History of Big Pharma? Video from Thrive Time Show

This documentary was produced by Clay Clark’s friend and freedom-loving movie producer, writer, director and truth-teller Mikki Willis of www.ThePlandemicSeries.com. Mikki is also the man with the vision to organize the COURAGE-19 awards.

A Special Note from Mikki Willis:
I’m excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Clay Clark’s Reawaken America Tour to bring you THE FIRST ANNUAL COURAGE-19 AWARDS!

Now is your chance to support Gospel News Network.

We love helping others and believe that’s one of the reasons we are chosen as Ambassadors of the Kingdom, to serve God’s children. We look to the Greatest Commandment as our Powering force.

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This idea came to me after witnessing so many brave doctors and scientists stepping forward to correct COVID-19 related misinformation, only to be smeared and canceled for daring to tell the truth.

This gala event will honor those who braved the current of cancel culture to spread truth and life saving services during the COVID19 plandemic. Seeing others awarded for bravery will inspire the silent masses to rise up and speak out. This is how we accelerate the turning of the tide!

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