‘Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.’ What If Nothing is Coming?

‘Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.’ What If Nothing is Coming? By Brian C. Joondeph for American Thinker

A popular catch-phrase among pro-Trump patriots is: “Nothing can stop what is coming.”

This is based on the theory that there are things quietly going on behind the scenes, that President Trump still has a hand in what is happening today.

Perhaps he is laying a giant trap for Democrats and the deep state establishment. Or perhaps the military is in control under the theory of devolution.

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Or perhaps, this is all delusional wishful thinking

Devolution is an interesting concept of continuity of government plans. Its purpose is to maintain government leadership in the event that constitutional successors are incapable or incapacitated. A small and select group of military leaders would be in charge, running a shadow government behind the scenes in the event of some catastrophe.

This scenario would have kicked in if the military believed that the COVID pandemic and electoral fraud were acts of war against the U.S. by foreign and domestic actors. Some have written extensively about devolution, telling a compelling story, but that is all it is, a wishful thinking story in contradiction to what we are seeing around us. If it turns out to be true, this past year will have been the greatest show of all time. But I’m not holding my breath.

We have also seen predictions about President Trump being reinstated after the 2020 election was to be proven fraudulent. Trump was going to be reinstated as president on inauguration day, then in March, then in August, and probably many days in between.

The dream team of Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and Lin Wood were going to produce proof of a stolen election with grand predictions and more bravado than evidence, going from Trump’s holy trinity to the three stooges when they produced little more than sound bites and hype.

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