Jonathan Cahn Asks, ‘Is There a Scripture That Changed the Course of American History?’

Jonathan Cahn Asks, ‘Is There a Scripture That Changed the Course of American History?’ by KAREN JENSEN SALISBURY for Charisma News

In January 2012, Jonathan Cahn’s blockbuster book The Harbinger was released, and it foretold the events that have now come upon our nation—everything from 9/11, to a worldwide pandemic, to civil unrest, to the collapse of the global economy.

Yet, the mystery of The Harbinger has never stopped. Today in 2021, it is still coming to fulfillment—and it’s at a much more dangerous stage. And so, after eight years, Cahn has written the long-awaited sequel, The Harbinger II: The Return.

This stunning book reveals the parallels between the signs of judgment that appeared in the last days of ancient Israel and the same signs of judgment that have now appeared in America.

In a recent interview with Shannon Scholten, host of Voice of Truth television, Cahn explained in detail about the ancient mystery that holds the secret to America’s future and the Scripture that changed the course of American history.

“We’ve been replaying the ancient biblical mystery of judgment,” he said. “And since The Harbinger came out, the mystery has only increased, the template has continued, and America now stands in much greater danger in the years since that time.”

America in Danger

One of the dangers Cahn spoke about was civil unrest, at another time in history when the nation was threatened by race issues. “The Civil War was one of the greatest calamities in our history, threatening the existence of America,” he said. “America was in danger then, as it is now. If the North had accepted peace, then the South would have broken away, and America would not be what it is today.

“In his second inaugural address, Lincoln said the Civil War was the judgment of God on the nation’s sin of slavery,” Cahn said. “In the same way our nation is facing judgement today because of the sin of abortion and the blood of children, Lincoln was talking about the blood of slavery.”

Cahn pointed out a stunning turning point that happened in 1863, when the war was at a low point. “The North was losing badly, it got to the point that there was a danger of letting go of the South,” he said. “But what happened at that moment in Washington was a stirring. On April 30, Lincoln declared a national day of prayer. The proclamation ended in the hope of three blessings: that the nation’s prayers would be ‘heard on high,’ that God would grant ‘the pardon of our national sins’ and begin the ‘restoration of our now divided and suffering country.’

“Those were the exact three blessings promised in that Scripture and cited in the exact order in 2 Chronicles 7:14: ‘If My people, who are called by My name…’

“In the darkest days of that war, Lincoln called the nation to prayer and repentance before God based on 2 Chronicles 7:14.”

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