Eugenics…Corporate Takeover?

Eugenics…Corporate Takeover?

We do our best to encourage thought instead of telling you what to think. We gather information and present it. Yes, we have our opinions – read a lot, listen a lot, speak a little. Critical thought is in short supply but we do our best to ramp up supplies so there is a generous amount to go around. Prayer, seeking God’s will, spending time serving others, reading, writing and spending less time in front of a TV will help fire the mind in ways most of us try to avoid.

Here are the latest Tweets to help your thought process. Some you will disagree with completely. Here’s the thing…those tweets are the ones that make you think the most!! The Tweet you hate, is the one that moves you the most. Allow that hatred to fuel thought of Christ and move closer to Him and away from the hatred. Allow that “disgusting Tweet” to push to prayer; push you to serve someone else and shut down the “committee”.

Mr. Jones gets a little excited towards the end. Fair warning.

This is what happens when you put on your deepest thinking cap in the closet.

These are the people attempting to rob you of your life, your wealth and your family. These are the people crushing our world.

The people above pay people like these people in the video below. These are monsters. They are nothing more than agents of the devil. They would do anything, say anything and turn in their own children, their own family for a few minutes in front of a camera with the promise of a handout at the end.

People are beginning to awaken. As this tyranny continues to grow, people are beginning to push back. We will only take so much, then…well, we the people have a 100% success rate in overthrowing tyranny – 100%.

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