California: The Latest Rigged Election…

California: The Latest Rigged Election… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

If you seriously believe the corrupt-to-the-core Biden received more votes in the history of voting then you need professional attention.  The 2020 election was a disaster and our country lost of dignity, reputation and respect on the world stage. The world knows the occupant of the White House is nothing more than a puppet and an occupant. The real question is – do know and accept this fact?

The California recall vote against Gavin Newsom is moving in the same direction as the 2020 Presidential election – rigged, embarrassing and an absolute sham.

Not sure how to win an election twice, which, if we keep using these same machines will be the only way to win an election the traitors don’t sanction with the voting machines. It is impossible to beat the machines. 2020 proved that, and now, the Newsom recall is confirming it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Are you awake yet?

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