Healing Soul and Body | Luke 5 (Video)

Healing Soul and Body | Luke 5 Video by Pastor Gary Hamrick for Cornerstone Chapel

Life can take a toll on a person’s soul and body. Such was the case of a man in the Bible who desperately needed help. He had four friends who cared about him enough to bring him to Jesus. The encounter the man had with Jesus would dramatically change his life—both spiritually and physically. We can experience the same today when we have a personal encounter with Jesus too. He is still actively healing people, soul and body.

00:00 – Welcome
00:43 – Introduction
13:29 – 1) God is always more interested in the eternal healing of your soul than in the temporary healing of your body.
16:06 – 2) God alone can forgive sins; thus Jesus forgives sins because Jesus is God
21:15 – 3)God still heals people today but not always the way we want (Miraculously • Medically • Eternally)
27:42 – 4) Friends help friends find Jesus

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