Those Pesky Russians…

Those Pesky Russians…

Those pesky Russians are at again…doing things to care for their citizens. What’s so difficult about doing the right thing by their citizens? What’s wrong with looking at a situation realistically? Oh, that’s right, that would mean you care, you’re not corrupt and your citizens actually matter. Believe this, we are not saying Putin is not corrupt, he is, however, he is doing the right thing by his citizens.

Putin has banned forcing Russians to get vaccinated and firing them for refusing to get vaccinated

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See how Putin influenced this woman – that dastardly Putin is putting a spell on people in this country.

In the mean time over in the Western “developed” world we find…

Don’t forget Dr. Evil who is attempting to steal your life, the life of your children and most importantly the life of the yet to be born.

How about all those cute little robot dogs and the dancing robots? Pretty sweet ah!?


After this same thing happened with Bush 41 it ones think – think outside normal channels of thought. Is it some type of signal to their owner? Why would Presidents / potential Presidents need to look at their watch at a moment such as receiving fallen soldiers from over seas or during a national Presidential debate? If this is not some type of signal, why would it continue to happen? If you have an explanation I would love to hear it.

Then again, laugher is great medicine and if this doesn’t make you laugh, well… maybe you should have your pulse checked because this is funny, I don’t care who you are.

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