Prepper’s Retrospect: It’s Easy to Know What You Should Have Done AFTER the Event

Prepper’s Retrospect: It’s Easy to Know What You Should Have Done AFTER the Event by J.G. Martinez for The Organic Prepper

After all these years plagued with poor decisions, I’ve concluded that leaving is not exactly wise for the time being. The post-pandemic world is no longer a friendly place for migrants. Maybe in a year or year and a half, but who knows?

For now, this is where we belong. 

For the time being, the needed budget to live here with much more comfort than I had as a migrant in a rented bedroom is the same or even less. I contribute to the home economy, and I can make some improvements at home for our little family group’s common good at the end of the day.

My Mother loves ornamental plants, and she has a few spices here and there. I’ve convinced her we need to grow some greenies ASAP. I have been craving a good homemade pesto with basil and oregano. My Mom can’t kneel. That’s why she has everything in pots and planters. Also, we don’t have a yard with soil. Cement covers nearly everything. This was not exactly a good choice, as we recently discovered.

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Composting the vegetable and fruits waste is one task. One of my immediate goals is to build a green wall to mitigate the heavy sun radiation on the terrace. My final goal is to have potato bags and a small tank with bass or tilapia. But, I will write about that when the time comes. The only inconvenience of having an open terrace and green walls is mosquitoes. But that is almost under control. Citrus oil on my ankles and hands is helpful. 

Mentally, my kiddo and I are doing just fine. 

I have to acknowledge my state of mind and kiddo’s, are much better now. I had to struggle with kiddo some nights crying because he missed his native home, being there. Now he whistles and sings the entire day. He listened to a cover of “I’m still standing” in an animated movie, and now it’s stuck in his head. He plays with the dog, reads books, or watches the rain falling while peacefully listening to the radio in his hammock.

As I am writing, I feel the fresh breeze. Perhaps, the country is not the best place to be right now for many people. However, I believe it’s one of the best places to be for a while for both of us. The other one would be our mountain cabin, of course. I believe a BOL is a place you prepare with everything you need to be safe upon arrival.

Those with no skills like computer literacy or another language, or home to invest in, believe they will be better off somewhere else. Fine by me. Unless something worrisome happens, I’m better right here, at least for the time being. Besides, if something happens, it will have little effect around here.  

I will try to explain this sort-of-a-bugout the kiddo and I have done.

Expenses cut to a minimum.

Power Grid:  Because the grid doesn’t fail as often as some other places, we can cook with an electric stove and don’t need to buy firewood or coal. Bottled gas remains available (at international prices!), and supply is available in this city. However, things are much worse in the other one where my own home is (mind you, this is my parent’s).

Clothes: We only need a couple of pairs of trousers and jeans, a few pairs of shorts and 8 or 9 T-shirts for the entire year. Also, sandals, and a few socks and underwear. Washing our clothes only costs roughly 36$ per year. Calculations for this were easy: one and a half or two cups would wash a couple of jeans, socks, shorts, boxers, and like 4-5 T-shirts, more or less what we need to wash per week. Other clothes, like long-sleeve shirts and fancy trousers, we hardly wear. We can wash those by hand. Back in Lima, I could not afford to wash everything in the laundry. Prices of everything have gone up since we left. Meaning our timing was more than appropriate.

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