No Vaccine Required…

No Vaccine Required…

Isn’t this something. The people profiting from the vaccine, screaming 24/7 to get the vaccine and the people regulating the vaccine are the ones that NOT REQUIRING their staff to take the vaccine…something to think about as you roll up your sleeve for the next “booster” – maybe this one will accomplish the goal they have in mind – and it’s not that your health improves.

Who’s tired of these stories coming out and nothing happening? If this were any other drug – ANY OTHER DRUG – it would have been pulled months ago. But not this drug, no sir, no ma’am, this drug is promoted at every level of society as being the end all, cure all, wonder-drug of a life time.

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It’s funny how this story is only being reported online – therapeutics are not allowed to treat this illness – vaccine only – triple shot and counting. Why? Why is there only one single answer to the China Virus question? Is anyone out there asking, pushing back on a mass scale?

Mean while in the penal colony of Australia…

So deadly…so very deadly.

Speaking of #NotMyPresdientBiden…it’s funny how we are told over and over that we have a two party system – that’s absolutely true – one party is 100% lawless and the other is 50% lawless you and I don’t belong to either party.

It appears President Trump is finally suing Twitter. We pray that he is successful in bringing justice to this tyrant, who allows pornography, terrorism and prostitution but bans Christian, conservatives at will.

Oh, let’s not forget that Twitter censored the Hunter Biden laptop story during the election of 2020. This is called treason, this is called corruption at the highest levels of government, if not, the government would have stopped it from happening, but the FCC, DoJ and all the spy agencies did nothing, said nothing and all stood down.

In the meantime enjoy Hunter’s profile pix all gathered here for your viewing pleasure – 100% of these images came from the first laptop – the second laptop hasn’t been rooted through at this point, but whatever is on it will be emerging soon enough. #NoyMyPresidentBiden’s son – imagine if this were Don, Jr while President Trump still occupied the White House! WOW!

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