FDA Fraud: Pfizer’s Covid-19 “Vaccines” Were Not Fully Approved, FDA Only Reaffirmed the EAU

FDA Fraud: Pfizer’s Covid-19 “Vaccines” Were Not Fully Approved, FDA Only Reaffirmed the EAU by Teodrose Fikremariam for Ghion Journal

BREAKING! Tuesday, August 24th, 2021, 12:16 PM New York City – thanks to Ghion Journal’s community of sleuths, I was just made aware that the FDA DID NOT fully authorize Pfizer’s Covid-19 “vaccines”. Using legalese that Johny Cochrane would be proud of, they only reaffirmed the existing Emergency Use Authorization. Which makes sense because, as I noted in the article below, all the Covid-19 vaccines are still undergoing clinical trials until at least April 15th, 2022.

What the FDA has just done is committed criminal fraud in order to pressure businesses to enforce “vaccination” mandates as they use the very rationale that segregationists employed when they said that states and businesses had the right to discriminate against African-Americans. Given that the biggest group of “vaccine” hesitant or hostile are in fact African-Americans, Joe Biden is trying back door Jim Crow. Except Jab Crow impacts everyone who does not want to partake in medical experiments.

If our government and the ruling establishment cannot even be honest and forthcoming enough to tell us the truth and instead keep acting like a hybrid of Enron and, Bernie Maddoff and Colin Powell at the United Nations, how can we trust that they are telling us the truth about the safety and efficacy of these “vaccines”. The same is true for mainstream media, instead of doing investigative journalism to expose the lies of government and corporations, they have cast their lot with fraudsters.

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To this end, every mainstream media outlet that is reporting that the FDA fully approved the “vaccines” are aiding and abetting fascists who will one day be dragged in front of a Nuremberg Trail 2.0. The rest of this article is what I published yesterday, there is even more damning proof that goes at the heart of the FDA’s credibility and their incestuous relationship with the very industries they are supposed to regulate.

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