Guilt & Shame In Addiction Recovery (Video)

Guilt & Shame In Addiction Recovery Video by Tiger5288

Guilt & Shame In Addiction Recovery are some of the biggest obstacles and relapse triggers in addiction recovery. Especially when you’re new to recovery, feelings of embarrassment and shame can be devastating, even paralyzing. They also feed the cycle of addiction. Facing this shame without self-medicating with a substance or behavior can feel impossible, but it’s crucial to your sobriety that you do so.Learning to cope with these feelings is an integral part of the healing process. Active addiction puts people in survival mode; it leads them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. It does not matter how they get it who who is hurt in the process. All that matters is meeting the need of the addiction, no matter what the cost. Many addicts start feeling more and more guilty as they reach the late stages of recovery.

I’am going to discuss some tips on how to deal with any guilt that may come up in your recovery.

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