How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for the EPIC Economic Collapse That’s Coming

How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for the EPIC Economic Collapse That’s Coming by Fabian Ommar for The Organic Prepper

In my last article, I tried to establish the relationship between the economy and [collapse] and provide some insights on some implications that institutions and other factors have in determining the outcome of collapses (economic or otherwise). Now let’s talk about the practical matters of the looming economic [collapse].

It’s time to see more about what’s coming and how to prepare for it. 

Nothing has happened yet. Why should I worry?

I know many people are tired of hearing the economy will crash, and we’ll suffer the consequences for years to come. I get mocked all the time for continually talking about a reckoning of epic proportions. “For more than a decade, yet nothing has happened,” I keep hearing. 

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And my reply to that? “Wrong!”

First, a lot has happened: the 2008 GFC was the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression. Millions got wiped. We can still feel reflexes of it today. Second (and perhaps the most important): the situation of the worldwide economy has deteriorated significantly since then. 

Some people must wake the f*ck up and smell the coffee.

According to Bloomberg, reports estimate global debt at $281 trillion. And that’s by the end of 2020. Notwithstanding the possibility of underestimation, that’s already more than 350% of global GDP. Wait, there’s more: last year, the Federal Reserve printed 40% of all USD currently in circulation. Ouch.

With that, I ask, how come nothing has happened? Does it take a three-digit IQ to see the implications? 

So, who said we’ve seen the worse of this yet? Yes, people will wake up indeed, one way or another. And what a shock it will be. Very few are aware, and even less are preparing for what will likely be a suffer-fest. 

An early warning does not mean the warning is wrong.

There is always something governments and institutions can do to kick the can down the road. In fact, since early 2008 (even before that), governments have done precisely that in overdrive. 

Unlike natural disasters, the powers that be can artificially postpone economic [collapse].

However, not indefinitely.

In practice, this means we may keep living on borrowed time for a while. But at one point, reality will assert itself and catch up. A lot of brilliant people believe that reality is coming soon.

Hindsight is 20/20

And that’s why being a prepper is a mindset. In 2018-2019 if someone told you the entire world would lockdown for months thanks to a virus and engulf us all in this craziness we’re in now, how would you have reacted? 

When I say bad days are coming, I’m not talking about or trying to predict the end of the world. Arguing that is a distortion. Being prepared doesn’t mean I’m living in a bunker with a gas mask and tons of canned food. Life goes on, and we should be out there living it while we still can

But this isn’t incompatible with being ready and aware. Don’t stick your […] head in the sand: use it instead. Is it better to be early and prepared, or late and unprepared? With all the warning signs blinking red, the choice should be obvious.

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