Be Prepared – Not Scared or Fearful

Be Prepared – Not Scared or Fearful ByKen J. for Modern Survival Blog

Sometimes there’s an unfortunate association between preparedness (to be prepared) – and fear, worry, or even paranoia.

Some personalities do excessively give in to these emotions (fear, worry). However, I’m here to tell you that from my point of view, preparedness and prepping has much more to do with personal internal traits of confidence, self-reliance, critical thinking, awareness, problem solving, mitigation, assuredness, and more…

Preparedness and sensibility go together. Survivalism, Prepping & Preparedness – it is simply logical (or should be) within the core of our being. We have an inherent instinctive will to survive. And we have built-in ‘sensors’, thresholds, that trigger us to act accordingly.

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Awareness, discernment, risk management and mitigation.

The Fear of Not Being Prepared

Don’t be fearful. Don’t give in to it.

Be concerned. Not fearful.
Attentive. Not scared.
Informed. Not worried.
Be prepared. Not Assuming.

Fear is a very powerful motivator. Relative to preparedness however, it’s not about fear. It’s about avoiding a potentially fearful situation.

Nonstop Fear Propaganda

Here we are in the last half of 2021. I am so disgusted with the constant non-stop fear-driven propaganda spewing forth from the mainstream news and other outlets. I mean, drum beat… never ending fear. Pounding, pounding…

I have never, ever, witnessed so much fear-mongering in my life. And I believe those of us who recognize it as such, should refocus on the positive constructive things we can do for ourselves and our own situations. You and I cannot save the world. Rather, we can save ourselves.

I do not accept their fear mongering. I am not afraid. Not only does fear “sell”, but it is used to CONTROL YOU. Stop that! Shut them off. Shut them out. Ignore them. I switched them off quite some time ago and it has positively affected my outlook.

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