100% Success Rate

100% Success Rate

We need tons more of this – the good news is, we are beginning to see and hear a lot more – we just need it to become a never ending stream of people standing up, pushing back and demanding the tyrants step aside or suffer the consequences from a 100% success rate.

Science…Or Not
Does the TV report on science or does it present the narrative coming from the White House, Big Pharma, the CDC and other bureaucrats to tell us what the science is and what we are to believe? It can not be science if scientist are not reporting. It can not be medical advice if a bureaucrat is reporting it. It can not be about healthcare if a press secretary is delivering the message. A press secretary is nothing more than a Public Relations hack put in place to deliver the best possible message coming from their boss, their client, or said another way, their owner for that message in that moment. I ask again is it science…or not? My life is worth a few hours of research listening to a variety of opinions, medical doctors and scientist from around the world in order to make the best possible judgement for MY LIFE. More people are dying from the injections than from the ailment it is suppose to conquer.

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There is come cussing in this message – remember this person represents the 9th largest economy in the world. This person represents one of the most populace geographical locations in the world. I agree 100% with @catturd2 – sounds a lot like panic / desperation.

Here’s little snippet for you regarding @catturd2

If you’ve not watched the Matrix Trilogy you should. I love the first two episodes while the third is good, but it trails off with the ending – very hollywood ending instead of truly powerful moment to complement the movie.

Agent Smith is the Wuhan CCP Virus in my opinion – he takes the form all illness and shows up exactly where he is told to by his owner. Sturgis, SD – yep. Music City Grand Prix – nope. Trump rallies – absolutely. Obama birthday party – fugit-about-it.

The comments on this thread prove beyond question that Agent Smith is alive and well.

This is the only rebuttal to the whole mask, vaccination thing I have.

Just to be clear…”Pizza” is a term used by pedophiles using code to refer to the child they have molested or the ones they want to molest. The fact that this term is being used in the way this young girl is using it blows my mind. If you search “pizza gate” and do a little research you will be as horrified as I was. Maybe it will bring you to your knees crying out to the Lord, God Almighty, to put the full Armor of God on you in the same manner that happened to me.

I don’t know if she begins cussing or not because I can only take a few seconds of this type of material.

We had all better begin standing up, pushing back and getting down to the local schools and demanding entrance to our property. If we don’t this is what we should all expect across the land. These leftist don’t follow rules, don’t obey laws and will use them against us all day, everyday. We better start using their tactics or the devil is going to win the day.

The sad part is most people don’t realize what’s actually happening. The truly sad part is they don’t realize who the real is and how the manipulation works.

Today’s beautiful moment on Twitter. You may not find as fascinating as I but this held me captive as the ship moved through the water way – really cool seeing the scenery, the bridges in motion and all the life happening as the ship made its way down river!

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