OPSEC And Your Circle Of Friends, Family, Acquaintances

OPSEC And Your Circle Of Friends, Family, Acquaintances ByKen J.  for Modern Survival Blog

OPSEC is an abbreviation for Operations Security.

It can be very important to maintain it. Especially during times like we’re experiencing today.

What is OPSEC? In short, it’s keeping your mouth shut. Keeping certain things, plans, topics, (or whatever) — out of plain sight, or conversation with others. In other words, it’s sort of keeping a secret (about whatever ‘it’ is).

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It might be your prepping, preparedness, or security. And potentially MANY other things. Maintaining good OPSEC may be more important than some realize. Especially when it comes to one’s immediate circle of friends (and others) – even those whom you may trust to varying extents.

Read that last line again.

The term “operations security” was coined by the United States military during the Vietnam War.

Identification of Critical information: Critical information is information about friendly intentions, capabilities and activities that allow an adversary to plan effectively to disrupt their operations.

Analysis of Threats: A Threat comes from an adversary – any individual or group that may attempt to disrupt or compromise a friendly activity.

Analysis of Vulnerabilities: Examining each aspect of the planned operation to identify OPSEC indicators that could reveal critical information and then comparing those indicators with the adversary’s intelligence collection capabilities identified in the previous action.

Assessment of Risk: First, planners analyze the vulnerabilities identified in the previous action and identify possible OPSEC measures for each vulnerability. Second, specific OPSEC measures are selected for execution based upon a risk assessment done by the commander and staff.

Application of Appropriate OPSEC Measures: The command implements the OPSEC measures selected in the assessment of risk action or, in the case of planned future operations and activities, includes the measures in specific OPSEC plans.

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