What Can We Learn From How the Super-Rich Prepare

What Can We Learn From How the Super-Rich Prepare by Fabian Ommar for The Organic Prepper

Have you ever wondered how the super-rich prepare for the SHTF? The multimillionaires and billionaires from all walks of life, the powerful politicians and diplomats, the aristocrats and members of royalties – in short, the one-percentersWe had a glimpse of how different sectors of society reacted to the lockdowns and crazy policies that followed the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m not laying any judgment here, just stating the facts.

They’re still humans, so it’s safe to assume they too fear it hitting the fan just as much as anyone else. In fact, as I’ll argue, they dread the masses too, perhaps on the same level as the other way around. Anyway, the elites live a very different lifestyle to 99% of the population. It makes sense their preparations might differ substantially from the average Joe and Jane’s, too. 

But how does that work, and why does it matter? More importantly, do we have something to learn from their actions, strategies, or preparations? 

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Prepping is for EVERYONE

As structured disciplines, prepping and survivalism have strong ties to practical activities, stemming from the military, frontier land/rural and self-reliant lifestyles, and straight-up survival (including financial survival). Many of the techniques taken from outdoor activities, like buschcrafting, hunting, backpacking, and wild camping, can be found in the Preppersphere. 

The rich and super-rich live a lifestyle of utter comfort, safety, and convenience. The super-wealthy have armies of people taking care of everything mundane for them while they focus on:

a)Building and preserving their wealth

b)Caring for their families

c)Enjoying life. 

(I’m generalizing for the sake of simplicity.)

That doesn’t mean they’re ignorant, alienated, or incapable. No one gets to the top being like that. Most know how to live in this world and defend themselves pretty well. Especially the self-made bunch, those who had to rely on determination, discipline, focus, hard work, commitment, self-sacrifice, not to mention a good dose of ruthlessness (many for sure). It’s a winner mentality in many ways relatable to survival, really. 

With what’s happening in the world, the elites take on the title of “The Evil”

Anyone with wealth is considered evil when things get difficult, although I personally disagree with that affirmation. However, it is typical of periods like the one we’re living. Some say the wealth gap has never been so extreme. And a quick look at history shows, it has increased to such a level that hostility towards the rich may indeed reach a boiling point. 

The Rich Are Evil mentality is certainly more widespread and deeper-running than usual, that’s for sure. The elites are being viewed either as the cause of the problems or the problem itself. Some of that is true: with the concentration of power, wealth, and control, the levels of manipulation, corruption, and fraud have hit record highs. 

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