Can You Hear Me Now…

Can You Hear Me Now…

As these tyrants realize we are awakening they are having to adjust their game plan on the fly. Over the past few years some of their operations have been executed by amateurs, Ashli Babet was just the latest sloppy job, there have been plenty others. When you dumb down the society everybody on every team, including the satanic globalist team, are all dumb, so mistakes are going to continue. As this continues to unfold their desperation will look like FraudFauci – flip-flop-flip-flop – this exposes their hand further.

A little food for thought – this is what I was referencing above – some of the operations are getting sloppy – this sign spells out how we were suckered into believing lies – the lies are spelled out, in order, for the whole world to see – do you have eyes to see?

We have identified the real virus…

Arrest FraudFauci – then treat him exactly like any other person that has committed crimes against humanity.

We call this leadership. Does this look like leadership to you or more like a clown show?

Even people around the world are beginning to talk about it out loud in public. Do you know who is the sucker at the poker table?

The only people on Twitter speaking positively about the jab are not people at all – they are bots set up to spew propaganda and lies across social media. Once again these people are getting sloppy and their operations are failing. If a person does really poor work, others see it, what the work being done is of no importance, it is seeing the work poorly executed that makes it known.

Finally, let’s end the week with something sweet. Something most people with a heart would like to see more of in our world.

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