Pfizer – Guilty

Pfizer – Guilty

When a company has been found guilty on numerous occasions of serious crimes and this company is responsible for producing products that are ingested or injected into the body, maybe we should question ever taking any of their products again. Maybe we should stay away from a company that has broken trust. Maybe we should reconsider ingesting or injecting their products into our bodies when we can never, ever get that product out of our bodies. Then we should ask why is our government, a lot of the major corporations and some of the citizens of this nation all pushing something they are not educated to discuss much less attempt to embarrass / shame me into taking?  Why are they doing that? Who benefits?

Racketeering –
Bribery –
Fraud –

Has Pfizer made mistakes with this current vaccine? Are people dying, experiencing bizarre side-effects and still contracting and spreading the China virus their injection is suppose to stop? Are we sure this company is being honest about anything; everything?

I’m a simple man, asking simple questions.

Somebody needs to remove this woman from office and ban her from ever having any opportunity of “governing” again. She is an extremist who is beyond psychological help. Anyone that thinks using this type of verbiage is acceptable is mentally unstable.

They will go door-to-door to control you, ensure that you are injected with this latest poison, however, they will not keep the unvaccinated out of our country, they will not go door-to-door looking for pedophiles, human trafficking rings or drug cartels bringing fentyal to your children

The beatdown FraudFauci suffered at the hands of Rand Paul is epic. We need more of this in Washington DC – a lot more.

Once the Federal Reserve transforms our currency to 100% digital and the use of cash is outlawed our lives will no longer be ours. There will be no such thing as freedom or Liberty. People have this misguided idea that Bitcoin is going to save them from this digital slavery – they are misguided. The internet has a built in flaw – entrance and exit. Put a gate at the entrance and exit and you trap everyone and see what they are using.

Just something to think about…

When do we begin acting like there is a problem?

The good news is, we the people of God can make a difference and inviting God to use us for His good purpose will stop all of the nonsense above. The thing is, we have to ask, seek and knock and very few of you are doing that.

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