As Cubans Cry for Freedom, Let’s Not Forget the Americans Who Praised the Communist Country

As Cubans Cry for Freedom, Let’s Not Forget the Americans Who Praised the Communist Country By   for Faith Wire

“The guns must disappear from the streets. Because there is no longer an enemy confronting us, because there’s no longer any reason to fight anybody. The weapons belong in the barracks. Nobody has the right to a private army here.”

Those are the words of Fidel Castro in 1959.

Some guns in the hands of Cuban freedom-lovers would sure come in handy this week, as the biggest and most widespread protests to ever rock the Castro regime erupted island wide.

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“The police are killing the Cuban people,” said Darwin V. Martínez with a video, as reported on the ‘Babalú Blog,’ of the police shooting at protesters in Havana. In the video, (WARNING: some may find the video disturbing), the agents are seen getting out of a patrol car and shooting at the Cubans. A woman recorded the moment from a window. The agents left the street.

“Here, pinga! Here!” yelled one of the protesters to the communist police, hitting his chest. “Shoot me HERE!”

Another video on social networks shows police officers shooting at protesters in Havana. “I have never heard so many shots in my life,” said a Cuban identified as Black Sheep on Twitter.

In the video, a Cuban woman can be seen with what appears to be a gunshot wound in the leg. “Feel her pain, man. My God, how they shot a lady!—Yes that’s the Cuban police!” people can be heard saying on camera.

According to the testimonies of Cubans on social media networks, the demonstrations this Sunday were peaceful on the part of the people, despite confrontation with the revolutionaries and the repression of the Police and the military.

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