Superhero Vaccine in Development

Superhero Vaccine in Development by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Stanford University recently announced work on a “groundbreaking ‘superhero’ vaccine inspired by the DNA code of Olympic athletes.”1 Euan Ashley is a professor of medicine and genetics at Stanford University, and the genetic scientist behind this attempt to use science to adjust your DNA, with unknown short-term and long-term consequences.

Science has been manipulating plant DNA for decades, culminating recently in the development of fake meat. Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are pushing for all people in Western nations to swap traditional, whole foods for mass-produced fake food grown in a laboratory.

Sadly, this is not how your body is designed to thrive, yet it is being pushed as a green and sustainable alternative to animal food. The fake meat industry is well-established, which consulting firm Kearney predicts will reach $450 billion by 2040. At that time, it would represent up to 25% of the meat market.2

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The COVID-19 vaccine is another example of manipulating genetic material with poorly researched outcomes. The mRNA vaccine being pushed throughout the world is designed to trick your body into making spike protein inside your cells using genetic coding.3

The spike protein covers the COVID-19 virus and does not mutate as rapidly as the virus. This is supposed to trigger an immune response in your body, so you recognize the virus when you are exposed. The vaccine was released under emergency use authorization, long before scientists established that the vaccine held greater danger than they had potentially anticipated.

As the number of people injured and disabled from the vaccine continues to mount, some researchers have discovered it is the spike protein — used by the vaccine to trigger your immune system — that is causing widespread endothelial damage linked to many of the long-haul symptoms4 and likely responsible for developing blood clots, stroke and organ damage.

As the growing number of deaths and destruction of human lives from the COVID vaccine are revealed, Stanford University announced5 yet another DNA-driven “vaccine” designed to rewrite your genetic code to prevent diseases, many of which are preventable through lifestyle choices.

Scientists Take Aim at a Genetic Frankenstein Vaccine

The Stanford team of scientists believe the vaccine may be available in the not-so-distant future. Ashley said that his vaccine would use genetic traits from people such as Olympic athletes as a blueprint to repair cells.

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