Tweets 7/9/21

Tweets 7/9/21

Below is a group of random tweets that showed up earlier today. Some funny, some tragic and others, well, you decide.

We need a lot more people with the fire Marjorie Taylor Greene posses. We need her knowledge and willingness to fight, push back and get loud when she is told to be silent. We need people that are fearless in the Lord. We need people that walk with the Lord that are willing to walk up to Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Harris and all the rest and strike them down.

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Remind me again about the peaceful protest during the Summer of 2020 – oh yeah, cities burned to the ground, 23 people murdered in cold blood and entire communities ruined – that will take years to recover – with more than $2 BILLION in damages. – NOT A SIGNLE ARREST – KAMALTOE HARRIS WAS FUNDING AND ASKING OTHERS TO FUND THE BAIL FOR RELEASE OF THESE TERRORIST. While people that wondered around the Capital Building taking pictures, one shot dead at point blank range, are currently incarcerated, indefinitely.

A little humor in the midst of chaos.

Fix the money, fix everything. Fixing the money would allow freedom to ring once again.

The sexual deviants are coming for the children. The satanic globalist are coming for the adults. Between the two we had be better get ready for something major. Maybe read Judges 6 a few times and pray for the Angel of the Lord to visit as many of us as possible to strengthen our conviction as we prepare for the knock on the door.

About that 2020 Presidential election…another state’s rigged numbers may be falling apart.

Let’s the week on a happy note…at least we’ll be happy from the laughter generated by our little friend.

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