European Union’s LGBT ‘Colonialism’ Threaten’s Our Way of Life, Says Orbán

European Union’s LGBT ‘Colonialism’ Threaten’s Our Way of Life, Says Orbán by KURT ZINDULKA for Breitbart

GNN Note – Once again, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban is one of the few sane voices in all of Europe, NATO and the Western “Developed” World. He continues to fight for the people of Hungary and it drives the satanic globalist in Brussel out of their mind.  I love it, love it, love it!!! /END

The push from European Union figures to encroach on Hungary’s education system through LGBT diktats threatens the country’s way of life, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has warned.

Striking back against woke threats from the likes of Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and other EU leaders, Viktor Orbán said that Hungary must stand up for self-determination, particularly when it comes to the education of children.

“They behave like colonialists. They want to dictate what laws should take effect in another country, they want to tell us how to live our lives and how to behave,” the Hungarian leader said of the EU leaders.

Orbán went on to say that critics of his legislation — which places limits on the depictions of non-traditional sexual relationships in schools and in media content aimed at children — denotes the “bad reflexes caused by their European colonialist past”.

In separate comments, the national populist leader warned: “If we allow others to tell us how we should live, who should be allowed to live in Hungary, how we should organise our lives and raise our children, we will be lost.”

The comments come in response to growing moves against the Hungarian legislation across Europe, with the leaders of 17 European Union nations writing in opposition to the move last month, calling for Hungary to be brought before the European Court of Justice over the matter.

Orbán has argued that placing limits on the promotion of transgenderism, homosexuality, and other subjects related to sex and sexuality in schools empowers parents to teach their children how they want, rather than have leftist ideology forced upon youngsters in schools.

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