Eric Clapton Details His Vaccine Injury

Eric Clapton Details His Vaccine Injury by Dr. Joseph Mercola

In an interview with Oracle Films, musician Eric Clapton detailed his experience suffering from a severe adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine. Clapton has been blasted by mainstream media for speaking out about the vaccine and COVID lockdowns, and he said he’s lost friends over his views.

He’s even fearful of losing the love and trust of members of his own family, but believes in speaking out for what he believes in and sharing his experiences:1

“I believe most of all in free speech and freedom of movement, choice of movement and life and love and kindness and with all of this exposure to the polarization of politics and the medicine and the science, I found it very difficult to be neutral because I’ve seen scorn and contempt from both sides, and I get caught in the crossfire a lot.

… I’m talking today on behalf of people like me who may be lost, maybe need to hear someone talk about it from a human point of view without condemnation … There has to be a way to bring people together. I believe music can do that, but it’s a long way away. There’s still time, I believe, for us to come together.”

Song ‘Stand and Deliver’ Takes on COVID Lockdowns

Before he received the COVID-19 vaccine, Clapton collaborated with Van Morrison on the song “Stand and Deliver,” which was released in December 2020. It takes on the U.K.’s pandemic response, which included strict lockdowns.

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Analysis of scientific evidence since the start of the pandemic supports the theory that lockdowns have been ineffective in stopping the spread of the illness and have come at an exceedingly high financial and human cost.2 They’ve even been called the “single worst public health mistake” of the last 100 years.3 In the song, Clapton sings:4

“Stand and deliver / You let them put the fear on you / Stand and deliver / But not a word you heard was true / But if there’s nothing you can say / There may be nothing you can do / Do you want to be a free man / Or do you want to be a slave?”

Clapton Lost Use of Hands After Second Vaccine Dose

Even though Clapton was unhappy with the government’s pandemic response, and even considered moving his family away from England, he believed he was vulnerable to COVID-19 due to his age — 76 years — and diagnosis of emphysema.

He decided to get a COVID-19 vaccine — the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, which uses a chimpanzee adenovirus vector genetically engineered to express the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. The side effects began shortly after his first dose:5

“I went and had the jab … within several hours, I was shaking like a leaf and I went to bed early and I couldn’t get warm … and I thought, I’m running a fever. I was boiling hot and sweating and then I was cold, and I was out for the count for about a week.

I had been preparing for a project where I was going to be playing acoustic guitar with a couple of musicians and we were going to film it. That week knocked me out and I had to start again from scratch. I was OK, but it didn’t come off as well as I would like to because, professionally, it was a huge setback …”

When it came time to get the second dose, Clapton was hesitant, but went ahead anyway, only to experience an even more severe reaction:6

“Bit by bit I realized that I probably shouldn’t have had the first jab, but then I was offered the second and I thought, well … what’s the point in stopping now. So I went and had the second, and then it got really bad. Within about a week … my hands didn’t really work.”

Clapton had previously been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, which is nerve damage in the arms and/or legs that causes pain, burning, numbness and pins-and-needles sensation. The condition is progressive and incurable, Clapton noted, but said his was always manageable.

“I expected it to be something that would gradually grow worse as I got older into my 80s, but always I could get some ice pack or whatever and it would be fine.” This changed after the second COVID-19 vaccine, however.

Clapton Says Vaccine Damaged His Immune System

After the second COVID-19 vaccine, Clapton’s peripheral neuropathy got significantly worse, which he attributed to an assault on his immune system:7

“[When I had the second jab] this ramped up from, on a scale of 10, say from three to eight or nine. Agony and chronic pain. When you know there’s nothing that will work, there’s no medication you can take that will help, it’s very, very frightening. And the worst thing is you don’t know when it’s going to wear off or when it’s going to go away.

So that was what frightened me the most, medically, health-wise, and it still does because I have gigs to do, I have recording work to do, but I can’t touch the guitar to play … it’s not fun … and when I put it down, it’s there until I go to bed, and I take sleeping pills because I can’t sleep because of the pain. That’s not a good way to live.

It’s not all due to the vaccine but the vaccine took my immune system and just shook it around again, and that’s still going on. Then I read a lot of the evidence that I had been reading about with people that were having adverse reactions, that was on the list … damage to the immune system.”

Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., is among those who have warned about COVID-19 vaccines leading to dysregulation in the immune system. She explained in our June 2021 interview:

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