You Know It’s Bad When a NORTH KOREAN DEFECTOR Says That US Similarities to NK Are “Insane”

You Know It’s Bad When a NORTH KOREAN DEFECTOR Says That US Similarities to NK Are “Insane” by Daisy Luther for The Organic Prepper

We interrupt your regularly scheduled brainwashing for a dose of reality for a brave young woman who defected from North Korea in a brutal journey so she could be free. Eventually, she made it to the US to attend an Ivy League American school.

Yeonmi Park has seen firsthand where the United States is headed….and it’s straight to North Korea if we don’t make changes soon.

Propaganda in North Korea

Anyone who saw the movie “The Interview” recognized that under the farce there was a lot of truth. Kim Jong Un is a brutal dictator who will not allow citizens to access the internet or learn anything about critical thinking. The propaganda in North Korea is rampant – both anti-American and pro-North Korea.

For example, there’s a long-running cartoon shown to schoolchildren called “A Squirrel and Hedgehog.”

Yet we should not forget that films and cartoons in North Korea send an ideological message. Usually it is very simple: all the army, the party, and the people follow the unsurpassed leaders of Mount Paektu in their march from victory to victory against the mortal enemies of the Korean people willing that the wicked American imperialists, the evil Japanese claimants of territory, and their south Korean puppets suffer defeat-after-defeat, bringing ever closer the day when they will be erased from the face of the planet.

The least ideological material on North Korean TV happens to be children’s cartoon series, the most well-known which is called “A Squirrel and Hedgehog”.

The story is quite simple. There is a community of good animals who live on Flower Hill, but they are attacked by an evil Weasel Legion. The Flower Hill animals respond by sending a brave squirrel named Goldie agent to infiltrate the Legion. Goldie becomes close to the evil overlord – the Weasel General – yet soon sabotages his plans, helping his allies from Flower Hill. And when the Weasel Legion is defeated in episode 26, a new enemy rises: a Jackal Legion…

…The morality presented in the series is utterly black and white alike those usually in North Korean fiction. Goldie and the other Flower Hill animals are smart, noble, witty and ready to self-sacrifice. Weasels, jackals and their allies, on the other hand, are mean and treacherous cowards, longing to betray everyone they see…

…Finally, and this is perhaps the saddest part of all, “A Squirrel and a Hedgehog” is actually a cruel cartoon.

Here I am not merely talking about the Jackal General, who suffers a nervous breakdown in almost every episode. The cruelty is actually more associated with Goldie and his allies, who constantly call their enemies “bastards” and “scum,” using violence against a defeated enemy on a regular basis…

…Outside of North Korea, most cartoons and films about wars talk about a show of compassion towards the defeated enemy and civilians, in which when the hero is forced to kill, it is not an easy thing. In North Korea, however, the mentality seems to be “We are right. The enemy is not. Kill the enemy and make him suffer.” (source)

In North Korea, there is no internet, all media is state-run, and there’s only one television channel. Only one point of view is allowed to exist. From the time they start school, children in North Korea are inundated with propaganda to the point that they’re completely brainwashed. Sound familiar?

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