How God Supernaturally Healed a Woman After 38 Years of Pain

How God Supernaturally Healed a Woman After 38 Years of Pain by MARTI PIEPER for Charisma News

God can bring life from dead bones. We read that familiar story in Ezekiel 37, but do we believe it in our daily lives?

Pastor, author and podcast host Steve Hannett does—and he’s seen God show up in wonder-working power to do just that. He shares a powerful story of a miraculous healing with Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network.

Not long ago, a woman came to his church who had been watching services online. She had endured the pain of a spinal deformation, which led to a neck deformation, for 38 years.

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“And all of a sudden, the Lord begins to put on her this desire to come into the presence of God in the sanctuary,” Hannett says.

The church had been presenting a drama about how God brings life to dead bones, Hannett explains. “Can these bones live? Can life once again come to something that looks dead?”

As the Word of God went forth, he says, the woman began to feel hope. If God can bring life to a valley of dry bones, He can touch my body, she thought.

“We pulled her up, and we began to pray for her,” Hannett says. “I prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ, and the power of God filled her body, because that’s what happens when you speak His name with faith. And she couldn’t remain on her feet; she had never experienced that before.”

“She fell back into the chair, and we just glorified God,” he adds.

But even that didn’t reveal the level of God’s wonder-working power.

“I looked at her and I said, ‘You’re OK, in the name of Jesus,’ and she stood up, weeping uncontrollably, because she felt no pain,” Hannettt says. “Now, this is a woman who had 18 operations. And some of those operations actually were working to burn the nerve endings of her back so she could deal with the level of pain she was experiencing. And she was on a lot of pain management medication.”

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