Tweets 6/12/21

Tweets 6/12/21

Below is a group of random tweets that showed up earlier today. Some funny, some tragic and others, well, you decide.

hmmm…. smoke and mirrors, dog and pony? Played like a fiddle. If you still believe the covids story on any level, I beg you to please explain, with a straight face, what is happening below. These are the filthy, satanic globalist that have dictated the past 18 months of The Great Reset. #standup #pushback

Back to the theater of the absurd – the covid lie must be told even after the mask, literally, came off the day before. These people have no shame. Do you still believe these lies?

The whole Wuhan bat-flu stew story is falling apart completely – there is not a day that goes by that we – the actual researchers and analyst – aren’t digging up the truth that exposes the lies on every level.

A little something to clear up any confusion people may be suffering regarding who is dictator and a dictators actions.

And you thought the existential threat was… well it wasn’t. The real threat is what ever corruption, lies and fraud are exposed during that particular day. “We must change the narrative – immediately! Distract the masses!!

The media is, once again, being used to paint a particular picture. For the past 70 years the UFO story was for nut-cases, theorist and unstable people. Today the UFO story is real, sane and, well, for normal free-thinking people. What changed? Be on the look out for an “alien attack” – coming soon to a neighborhood near you. You won’t see any E.T.’s walking around, but you will certainly hear about them.

The UFO story “alien invasion” will probably be rolled out just about the time the election fraud is revealed, you know, when the audits prove that the harris/biden coup was just that – a coup. So, look for the “alien invasion” more sooner than later.

Falsepride is what it is – turning away from God, separation from God is called sin. Stop using our children to push your agendas. #standup #pushback

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