Feeling Weak in Sharing the Good News? Remember the Power of a Whisper

Feeling Weak in Sharing the Good News? Remember the Power of a Whisper by Sean Dunn for Christian News Journal

Recently I had an epiphany … and I saw one of our ministry’s reported numbers in a different light.

You see, at Groundwire, we are focused on and determined to introduce as many people to Jesus as possible. We want to see them respond to a virtual altar call (everything we do is online) and walk that electronic aisle. Although there are processes that help us get in front of those who are lost, isolated, lonely and desperately in need of Jesus, I tend to focus on the bottom of the funnel. I pay most attention to how many are lifting their hands acknowledging that they need Him.

Sometimes, though, God shows things in a different light, and as I said I had an epiphany. As I was reviewing our numbers, I was struck by the top of the funnel.  I saw that the commercials we produce to “interrupt” the lives of those living without Jesus were seen 216,432,661 times last year. Instead of that being an empty number, the Holy Spirit reminded me that we had whispered “Jesus Cares about what you are going through” over 216 million times.

That visual grabbed my attention. We’re talking, just looking at the averages, 591,346 views a day, 24,639 an hour, and 410 ever minute.

Our commercials invaded dorm rooms of struggle and whispered, “You aren’t alone, Jesus Cares”. They snuck into coffee shops where people were overwhelmed and shared, “It is going to be OK, Jesus Cares.” They found people on public transportation, traveling to deal with crises, and others who were quarantined with their misery and simply said, “Don’t give up, Jesus is with you.”

The first step in the transformation of any person is a realization that God is with them, for them, and He wants the best for them… and although we would love for the journey to be completed with an instantaneous bang, I was reminded that sometimes it begins with a whisper and takes some time.

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