Tweets 6/10/21

Tweets 6/10/21

Below is a group of random tweets that showed up earlier today. Some funny, some tragic and others, well, you decide.

The offerings a little lighter today as my morning has been out of control busy. God is so good and He is piling my plate high!!

First up…A word from our President

Second…A word about the woman occupying the White House and her lack of action regarding safe guarding our Southern Border. The plan is to talk about the Southern Border and never, ever, ever, never, do anything – except show compassion for your vote.

If you ever wonder how the Nazi were able to take over Germany and commit the heinous crimes they committed – look around and see that people are standing down, instead of standing up like this man.

Time something really cool and very, very triggering for some leftist / liberals that hate the country they live in and live off the fat.

This has melted my heart a half-dozen times. You have listen closely as the audio is extremely low. – listen intently, it is worth the effort.

It seems Faucifraudly has been hated for some time. I guess when you’re nothing more than a grifter, well, that has consequences.

If you are not familiar with this young lady, shame on you!!! She is the face of patriotism.

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