Surviving Extreme Heat Without Air Conditioning

Surviving Extreme Heat Without Air Conditioning by: Rich M for Off The Grid News

I don’t know how it is where you live, but where I live, it’s over 100 degrees Fahrenheit half the days of the year. We only end up using our home’s furnace a couple of weeks in January and February and then, it’s usually just at night. With that kind of climate when it comes to survival, I’m not as concerned about heating my home as I am cooling it. Considering that we run the air conditioning over 300 days per year, if the grid goes down, we’re in trouble.

Let me just add a little more confusion to the high heat here. My wife’s body really can’t stand the heat. She’s one of those rare people who don’t perspire. So, the natural cooling that you and I experience isn’t available to her. She overheats way too easily. Not exactly the right kind of person to live in the climate where we live.

Nevertheless, we’ve had to figure out how to survive extreme heat without air conditioning. While we have excellent air conditioning systems in our home and cars, we also spend a fair amount of time in Mexico, where we are much less likely to have those luxuries. Even if we were able to take an air conditioner with us, electrical power outages are extremely common south of the border.

Get in the Shade

The first thing you need to do to keep your cool when you don’t have air conditioning is stay out of the sun. Shade is wonderful. Shade can save you as much as 10 degrees of temperature. If you have to be somewhere that doesn’t have air conditioning, then make sure that you’re not standing in the sun.

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