The Pandemic that Keeps on Giving

The Pandemic that Keeps on Giving By Rick Fuentes for American Thinker

With very rare exceptions now on display in the Senate, congressional Democrats are a mass movement worthy of a few aphorisms from the late, great Eric Hoffer. Wholly disinclined to individualism, their tendency to cohesion is blatantly undemocratic, whether when voting en masse and on cue or looking the other way when it comes to street violence, criticism of China, goodwill to Israel, and any slur to race or religion coming from within their ranks. Republicans, on the other hand, seem a bit discombobulated, preferring to take pot shots at themselves and reluctant to build unanimity against the careless governing, blatant hypocrisy, and double standards of their opponents. As a result, the body politic that harbors the socialist Left, progressive, or insurgent bloc has matured as a powerful covenant in ways antithetical to the loose allegiances of the Grand Old Party.

At no time has the ideological goosestep among the Democrat leadership been more apparent than during the pandemic. Generating fear and uncertainty in the midst of a presidential campaign, it opened the door for innumerable and abusive federal and state regulations that shredded the Constitution and force-fed the American public a heaping portion of socialism.

SARS-CoV-2, or by its household name COVID-19, is a China-formulated, sticky microorganism engineered to superglue itself to the human lung and vents most of its lethality on the old and infirm. Nonetheless, all Americans, regardless of age, low risk, and high rate of recovery, hid themselves behind ineffective designer masks, cut themselves off from the human race, and were ordered to follow the foibles of a science bent more to the politics of control than reduction of harm. State political leaders had their way with the body politic, used it to disrupt the electoral process, and put a laughingstock in the Oval Office.

Democrat governors, particularly those East Coast headliners in New York and New Jersey, created state monocracies through health emergency powers unwrapped from vintage statutes dating back to the Second World War. Beyond the reach of legislatures, those powers were swollen by executive orders issued month after month for more than a year, effectively kneecapping the occupational, social, educational, and religious routines of daily life.

On March 2, 2020, and for a hundred days thereafter, Andrew Cuomo gave in-person COVID briefings that captured the hearts and minds of a frightened nation and hijacked the airtime of afternoon soap operas. The country was bewitched by a Democrat with the bullish charisma of a Mafia don who exploited a love-hate relationship with President Trump and seemed to make sense even to those hardheaded Republicans. Voices rose over a presidential run, a book contract worth millions, and, after Joe Biden’s installation in the Oval Office, perhaps a cabinet berth as attorney general.

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