New Life Waiting To Be Released

New Life Waiting To Be Released by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

We believe one of the most pressing issues in recovery is coming to know Jesus Christ. Without coming to Christ Jesus there is no honest, pure, unselfish, loving recovery – without these elements, there is only sobriety. Sobriety leads to relapse and relapse is death. Getting sober means you have treated one of the symptoms. Thinking of it like taking honey for a sore throat, it’s wonderful for a moment but then the honey wears off and nothing has been healed. The pain was merely put on hold for a moment but soon returns and sometimes a lot worse.

We must – which means it’s a requirement – we must find our identity in Christ – become the new creature, born again in the Spirit. Without it, we have nothing.

Those of us that have been through hell and experienced the fire have a better opportunity to meet Christ face-to-face than the people that meet Christ through other means. If a person destroys their life and reaches the point of 100% brokenness, the stories in the Holy Bible are their stories. The brokenness that is discussed throughout the Holy Bible is their life. The redemption, the grace and mercy are real. Tasting the bitterness of death will awaken a person in ways that are unimaginable to those who have never experienced hitting bottom.

Finding our identity in Christ transforms lives in ways that could spread the Kingdom and bring about a Spiritual revolution that has never been seen before.

Listen carefully to one of the most respected voices in the Christian community talk about what we have been discussing for the past year – imagination bringing about an experience in Christ that it is real, fulfilling and will bring forth a new life, born-again in Christ, that is waiting to be released.

Video by Tim Keller

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