Which Flowers are Great for Vegetable Gardens

Which Flowers are Great for Vegetable Gardens by Linda Loosli  for Food Storage Moms

Did you know that every vegetable garden should have some flowers planted nearby to help the vegetables thrive? One of the reasons you should plant flowers near your vegetable garden is to attract bees. Bees help pollinate the plants and that gives you more veggies at harvest time. But, which flowers are great for vegetable gardens? Find out below!

Why You Want Flowers in Your Vegetable Garden

There are a variety of edible flowers you can plant in your garden, but flowers serve quite a few purposes in your garden. Here are some reasons why you want flowers in your vegetable garden:

  1. Repel pests. Some flowers repel unwanted pests or draw harmful bugs away from your vegetables.
  2. They replenish nutrients. Flowers replenish the nutrients in your soil that help your vegetables grow better.
  3. BEES. According to the NAPPC, bees pollinate 75% of all vegetables, fruits, and nuts. They are why we have food! Flowers attract bees, which in turn yields more vegetables from your garden.

Which Flowers are Great for Vegetable Gardens

If you really want your vegetable garden to thrive, planting flowers is the way to do it! Below, we will discuss the best flowers to plant in your garden and why!

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#1 Marigold Flowers

These flowers are super inexpensive, and easy to grow. They are great for vegetable gardens because:

  • They keep nematode numbers down.
  • Attract bees and other pollinators.
  • Confuse, repel, or can be used as a trap crop for pests.

#2 Borage

Borage is an annual flowering plant that is great to include in your vegetable garden. It’s an edible flower that is super easy to grow, and it self seeds readily. Here are a few reasons to grow borage:

  • They are great for bees.
  • Borrage acts as a trap crop for aphids.
  • Attracts predatory insects that eat them.
  • Great for birds.

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