Stockholm Syndrome over Mask Wearing

Stockholm Syndrome over Mask Wearing By Brian C. Joondeph, MD for American Thinker

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon where “hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors and abusers.” This bonding can occur over days, weeks, or months of captivity and abuse. Rather than being terrorized by their captors, hostages sympathize with them, developing positive feelings, sharing common goals and causes, and essentially falling in love with their captors.

The story behind the Stockholm Syndrome is a 1973 six-day hostage event in a Swedish bank. By the second day, “the hostages were on a first-name basis with their captors, and they started to fear the police more than their abductors.” By the end of the hostage crisis, “the convicts and hostages embraced, kissed and shook hands.”

A modern-day version of the Stockholm Syndrome is playing out after over a year of COVID captivity. Americans have been held hostage by medical czars like Dr Anthony Fauci, totalitarian governors named Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, Murphy, and Wolf, and big media, including cable news giants CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

Americans have been held hostage in their homes for months, told not to wear masks, then to wear one, then two, now none. We were assured that a BLM protest of thousands is perfectly safe while a family wedding, funeral, or a Trump rally is a super spreader event. An experimental, non-FDA-approved vaccine is being mandated for everyone, including children at extremely low risk from getting sick from COVID, yet at the government agencies pushing vaccinations, they don’t know how many of their own employees have said no to the vaccine, perhaps as many as half.

Speaking out against your COVID captors leads to punishment and abuse, from social media deplatforming and public harassment, to loss of job or even prison. Americans have been beaten with a stick for over a year, based more on the whims of the ruling class than any sound science that would explain the above contradictory ruling diktats.

Many COVID hostages are fighting back but others may have succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome. After the public has submitted to the gods of lockdowns, distancing, and masks for over a year, and those gods now are showing kindness by releasing their hostages, some unconsciously view them as benevolent gods and now worship them and their ideals.

The media played a dual role, both as captor and hostage, and enjoying both roles. How else to explain one of the main hostage-takers, Dr. Fauci, gracing the covers of numerous magazines? Or being nominated as the sexiest man alive? Or appearing constantly on cable news shows?

Vapid celebrities trip over themselves to endorse the vaccine. CNN calls anyone who questions the ruling class pronouncements, asking for scientific explanation or rationale, as “deniers.”

As new CDC guidance relaxes mask mandates, some are still in hostage mode, identifying with the none, then one, then two, then one mask captors, now proclaiming long-term submission to whatever big brother or the state says.

Several weeks ago, the New York Times wrote about those clinging to their masks, even after the CDC says they are no longer necessary. The article, “They’re vaccinated and keeping their masks on, maybe forever” illustrates a Stockholm Syndrome phenomenon after more than a year of mask mandates. Here is one example,

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