Operating At A Higher Level…

Operating At A Higher Level… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

How would you like to live filled with high energy, be resilient and rarely suffer from illness? Well, you can.

Fear, is a low energy vibration in the body. Love is the highest energy vibration in the body. How do we increase love in our system? What about kissing, holding hands and seeing a smiling face? What about singing like no one can hear you, except God? What about being around the people that love you the most – your family, especially, direct family like parents, siblings and grand parents? Wouldn’t all these situations increase love in your life? Wouldn’t all these activities, for the most part, create joy in your life?

When do we look around and reach the conclusion the past 15 months have been a massive human experiment?

This whole thing sprang forth in our deepest fear – death. The fear of dying. Videos released all around the world of people falling over dead on the sidewalk. We published several of them and used them as evidence of this whole thing being real – we were bamboozled, but no longer. We were slaves to our fear, the same as millions of others. The fear has been put aside and replaced with love.

One of the reasons we shut down The Daily Coin was for this very reason. Glorifying the devil, his agents and his crimes against humanity got to be too much. We want to live with love in our heart not saturated in fear all day, every day. That is no way to live. Some of you are shaking your head in agreement as you decide which mask to put on that matches your outfit. Others are staying 6 feet away from everyone. Still others are refusing to go to church, visit with friends or live a normal life because of the grip of fear. The devil is having a field day.

We are focused on Gospel News Network as a more balanced approach to reporting. A significant percentage – somewhere north of 50% – is focused on positive, encouraging information that feeds into the higher vibrations of the soul. The Light in our bodies needs to shine. The Light in our life can only shine when we feed ourselves love. The love is real love that comes from sacrifice, longsuffering and serving others.

There is a great source of information that has been around for a while and millions of copies can be found all over the world. This source is filled with stories surrounding the human condition that focus on recovery after the tragedy. The tragedy befalls an individual, a family and/or a community a single person, one individual, decides to stand up, listen to the Truth, the Way and the Life and suddenly, everything changes. We don’t have to live like this. We don’t have to accept the lies, the vaccine or any of the nonsense coming out of Washington DC and the black box mounted to the wall. We can turn to the Holy Bible and receive the Word, the Living Word of God and begin, immediately, operating on a far higher level.

When we begin reading the Holy Bible we begin to see people in a different light. Our hearts are much lighter (being filled with Light) and our step is much softer. Why don’t we try reading the Bible for 15 minutes a day instead of listening to another 30 minutes of garbage being spewed on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, NPR or whatever podcast you listen to daily. Listen to a reading of the Living, breathing Word of God in the Bible instead and watch how your life begins to change. The impact it will have is immeasurable. The people in your life will see the change that you do not.

Unless you like swimming in a cesspool, I dare you take this challenge for the next 30 days and see what happens – 15 minutes a days, everyday for 30 days. Read or listen,  your choice. Old Testament (the Torah) or New Covenant / New Testament, your choice. Look for ways to apply what you hear/read on a daily basis. Use the Holy Bible as a lab study, apply it to your life and see what happens. As you get stronger try handing out Samples and see what happens. Odds are somewhere around the 10th-15th day samples will be flying out of you that you didn’t even know about or plan to happen.

Stand up, be strong and live. Get busy living instead of sitting around waiting to die. Death is forever. Why not be a great ambassador to this world and see where it takes you.

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