Baptized (Video)

Baptized Video by Zach Williams

Video Source

I can still see the steeple
A little church on the hill
There was a line at the alter
Every pew had been filled
I remember the water
The choir singing old hymns
There was a peace in the valley
As the preacher man said

In the name of the Father
The name of the Son
The name of the Spirit
You’re washed by the blood
Buried with Christ
Raised in new life

I can still hear the sermon
All the people said “Amen”
There was a gift of salvation
And you could be born again
I remember the power
The Holy Spirit rushing in
There was a peace like a river
As the preacher man said

All those old stained glass windows and the stories they tell
All the memories as clear as the day I was there
All those years I spent running, You’ve given me back
Now I’m stepping in, Now I’m stepping in, Now I’m stepping in

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