A Ziploc Bag First Aid Kit

A Ziploc Bag First Aid Kit from Modern Survival Blog

GNN Note – Having several of these go-bags First Aid kits, one for each person in the house, may be a good idea. /END

It’s easy to make a small do-it-yourself First Aid Kit to fit inside a quart size Ziploc bag. You might not need a fully equipped professional First Aid Kit for every single use-case scenario.

I believe my first Ziploc bag First Aid Kit was built for a day-hike style ‘Versipack’ (like these).

Or maybe you put one together for your purse?

Tip: ‘Freezer’ Ziploc bags are stronger.

Why do I do keep a First Aid Kit in a Ziploc bag?

While I do have a few other more substantial First Aid Kits, the minimalist (Ziploc) First Aid Kit works well for me. I can just slide it into a small space in my pack. Even if the pack is full, there’s a way to get it in there… Actually I just leave these Ziploc kits in the various bags so they’re always there.

There’s no extra bulk or weight when using a Ziploc bag. And there is the advantage of being able to see right into the Ziploc and what’s inside.

What First Aid kit items do I keep in a Ziploc bag?

Good question! It seems that I’m changing it around from time to time. Admittedly the problem that I have is that there’s always a good reason to add more Fist Aid items, however then it gets too big! There’s really no right or wrong kit, so do what works for you.

I might tailor it depending on what I’m going to be doing and where I may be going (with the associated risks thereof). However I do keep the basics in there for starters.

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