Why Failing to Adhere to Biblical Truth Will Devastate Future Generations

Why Failing to Adhere to Biblical Truth Will Devastate Future Generations by CHARISMA HOUSE for Charisma News

The biblical answers to some of today’s toughest questions aren’t always what we want to hear. In his new book, Hope for This Present Crisis, Dr. Michael Youssef addresses these tough questions and more. He describes how, in an effort to make God more relatable and appealing, “modern Christianity has presented God as our best buddy” rather than “the almighty Creator of the universe, supremely holy and righteous, whose unveiled face would strike us dead from its glory.”

“Yes, because of the saving work of Jesus Christ, God now calls us friends (see John 15:12-17), but He is also our Lord and King,” Youssef says. “He is a loving and merciful Father, but He is also a just and fierce judge; what He says in His Word, He means.

“Too often, when modern pastors and theologians are offended by Scripture, they explain away the portions that make them uncomfortable, such as passages about the sinfulness of homosexuality,” Youssef says. They reason that the grace of Jesus has altered the standards for righteousness found in the Old Testament. Then, when faced with New Testament passages that also call homosexuality sin, they blame Paul, saying he misunderstood the culture and nature of man.”

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Youssef points to this line of thinking as dangerous. “If Paul was wrong about sexual morality in Romans 1, 1 Corinthians 6 and 1 Timothy 1, then what else was he wrong about? Has God’s Word erred?

“Beloved, as author and professor Norman Geisler warned, ‘Once you deny the inerrancy of the Bible, you don’t have any basis for your teaching. And you’ve lost the power of God because if it’s not the Word of God—if what the Bible says is not what God is saying—then how can we preach it with authority and life-transforming ability?'”

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