Dr. Tim Clinton Debuts New Book About Redeeming Biblical Manhood

Dr. Tim Clinton Debuts New Book About Redeeming Biblical Manhood by CHARISMA HOUSE for Charisma News

GNN Note – Being a man is not “toxic”. If the power grid were to go down for an extended period – 5 years or more – we would learn real quick how being a man is the only way for men to be as all the feminized men would disappear, they sure wouldn’t be reproducing. /END

A new book by Dr. Tim Clinton and Max Davis acknowledges that our culture is determined to redefine masculinity as something it was never meant to be.

But in Take It Back: Reclaiming Biblical MasculinityThe Heart and Strength of Being a Man, the authors aim to affirm that men matter, can be difference-makers in their circles of influence and have a positive impact on the culture. This new release comes at a time when toxic masculinity is being addressed and in the media.

“It’s no secret that men today are getting a bad rap,” Clinton writes in Take It Back. “They are being painted as buffoons, absentees, porn addicts and toxic. But the truth is the world desperately depends upon real men rising up in times of need. Right now, more than ever, God is calling men to be men. In a culture that wants to feminize them and keep them down, men need to know who they are, that God created them fully masculine, and where their ultimate source of strength comes from.”

The American Psychological Association asserts that “traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful.” Many agree that “forcing men to behave in accordance with the worst stereotypes of manliness harms them, and it harms others.” But is the answer then to marginalize and feminize men? Despite culture’s determination to redefine masculinity, the great heart cry of our day is for men to rise up and take back their rightful place.

It’s a cry that echoes deep in the soul and from all ends of our society, and particularly from the women who love their fathers, husbands, brothers and sons. Most women want their men to be honored and to stand up and be men. Men have faltered and lost influence and territory. The good news is that for many who struggle, there is often a daily yearning to make it right. The reality is masculinity is not and never was “toxic.”

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