Why I Said Trump Could Lose—And Why I Believe It Happened

Why I Said Trump Could Lose—And Why I Believe It Happened

While many sincere believers were confident that Trump would be inaugurated, others were prophetically sounding the alarm. As I said in my article, Donald Trump Could Lose in 2020, “Our gun safes are full, but our prayer closets are empty. The 2020 election is ours to lose.”

I witnessed plenty of Christians jockeying for positions but very few calling for prayer and fasting. I saw an abundance of pride but not much humility. Had Donald Trump been elected, the pride-o-meter in many of our hearts would have been off the charts (mine included). God definitely humbled me!

Notice, I didn’t say, “had he won,” because I believe he did win the vote; but I also believe that God allowed fraud in order to wake us up. Throughout the Old Testament—from the conspiracy against King Joash to Athaliah’s destruction of all the kingly heirs—God often allowed kings to gain power through deceit and deception to humble His people (cf. 2 Kings 11:1 and 12:20).

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How can our nation murder the innocent, mock marriage, elevate porn, and deny the existence of something as basic and irrefutable as gender and not expect judgment? It seems clear that we are actually more depraved as a nation than Israel ever was, and possibly approaching the level of sinfulness we read about in the days of Noah, when “the wickedness of mankind was great on the earth” (Genesis 6:5).

Upcoming elections will not fix our problems. We will be gravely mistaken, disenchanted, and disillusioned (just like many are now) if we believe that. Granted, I desire godly legislation and God-honoring policies, we must contend for them, but we are too far gone to legislate change. Our national crisis can only be fixed by returning to God. A spiritual awakening is our only hope (more here and here.)


Many are under the delusion that if they post enough comments on social media belittling the government that somehow change will occur. But God doesn’t say, “That’s a good Tweet or post; I need to do something!” He looks at our willingness to seek Him and forsake sin.

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