South Dakota Governor Turned Tragedy Into Kingdom Action

South Dakota Governor Turned Tragedy Into Kingdom Action by KAREN HARDIN for Charisma News

Many of us have wondered what else we can do to see the corruption that seems to have taken over our nation removed. With the lead swamp-drainer no longer in office, the job is now fully up to us and awakens us to action. But what can we do?

While prayer is absolutely our primary weapon, it is evident that more is required. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem came face-to-face with that same dilemma several years ago.

In an interview on Fox News, Noem gave great advice and insight that we would do well to consider.

Noem has been a strong voice to preserve the freedom and rights of Americans, especially through this pandemic. She wasn’t raised in a family of politicians. And the way she ended up in her position might surprise you.

She got involved in government because of a personal tragedy which brought an injustice within our system to light. It hit her family hard, but rather than just complain or “take it on the chin,” she decided to do something about it.

“What happened is I was going to college, and my dad was killed in an accident,” she said. “He was 49 years old at the time, exactly the same age I am now. I came home and took over the family businesses, but within weeks we were notified that we owed death taxes. We owed the federal government a bunch of money because we had a tragedy in our family.

“So, it made me mad,” Noem said. “I tell people all the time I just decided I was going to start showing up at meetings. I had been raised by a dad who was a cowboy who said, ‘You don’t complain about things; you fix ’em.’ And I realized I needed to start showing up, and if I wanted different laws, different polices, then I needed to be there and be a businessperson, a mom, someone who actually gave my perspective.”

How does that apply to us? Right now, all across our nation, precinct meetings are happening in which delegates are selected to represent our states along with party positions such as state committee member, county chair, district committee member and so forth. Not familiar with these? Most of us aren’t, but we need to be. And the only way to vote for these influencing people is to attend our precinct meetings.

In my precinct this past month, only one person showed up. (And it wasn’t me, so I am preaching to myself as well.) One of my friends, Christine Leeviraphan, who is running for Oklahoma GOP chairperson, explained the importance of our getting involved at the precinct level.

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