I and the Father Are One, Part 1 (Podcast)

I and the Father Are One, Part 1 Podcast by Pastor John MacArthur for Grace to You

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Open your Bible to the tenth chapter of the gospel of John. It doesn’t seem very long ago we began our study of the gospel of John. And yet, it’s been a while. These things kind of become years before we don’t even realize it. But we find ourselves in the tenth chapter, and this is really a significant chapter. If you just do the math, there are 21 chapters in the gospel of John, and this is chapter 10, and we’ve already gone through the first 21 verses. So, we’re approaching halfway through the gospel of John. That’s true of the text of the gospel of John. However, in the history of Jesus, we’re three months from the end. Because the last half of the gospel of John is devoted to events that take place for the most part in the last week of His life.

Now, chapter 10 ends with Jesus leaving Jerusalem for three months. When He comes back in chapter 11, He comes back to Bethany, raises Lazarus from the dead, and then in chapter 12 enters into Jerusalem. And we all know about that. That’s the beginning of Passion Week. And then chapters 13, 14, 15, and 16 all take up one night in the upper room. And then chapter 17 is His prayer to the Father. In chapter 18, He’s arrested. In chapter 19 and 20, He dies and rises again. Chapter 21 is sending the disciples and recovering Peter.

So while we’re halfway through the story, chronologically, as John lays it out; in the reality of the life of Christ, we’re just a few months from the very end. All that to say that starting with chapter 11, we begin to see the drama at its highest peak as we move toward the cross and the resurrection.

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