Farage Slams Coca-Cola for Alleged ‘Try to Be Less White’ Staff Training

Farage Slams Coca-Cola for Alleged ‘Try to Be Less White’ Staff Training by JACK MONTGOMERY for Breitbart

Brexit champion Nigel Farage has slammed Coca-Cola for allegedly requiring staff to take training urging them to “be less white”.

Slides from the LinkedIn-based training originally circulated on social media after being shared by psychologist Karlyn Borysenko.

One explains that “To be less white is to: be less oppressive, be less arrogant, be less certain, be less defensive, be less ignorant, be more humble, listen, believe, break with apathy, break with white solidarity.” Another simply urges the view: “Try to be less white.”

Responding to the scandal on his YouTube channel, Reform UK party leader Nigel Farage lamented that he had thought progress was being made against the “Black Lives Matter madness”, but that the Coca-Cola revelations were another example of the corporate world having “lost its marbles” as a result of the movement.

“So, to be less white means you’ll be less arrogant, less ignorant — I mean, the list goes on: ‘try to be less white’,” he said.

“And the inference here is clear, isn’t it? That white is bad; white means supremacist; white means you look down your noses at everybody else; white means you are guilty!” he continued.

“And this is what Coca-Cola is foisting upon their employees in the USA?” he asked, expressing his hope that it would not “cross the Atlantic”.

“[U]ntil we have more people, far more people, in British politics and British media unafraid to stand up and tell the truth, unafraid of the extreme left screaming ‘racist!’ at them, event though they know themselves that that would not be true, until we do this, I fear we continue down this route,” Farage warned.

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